Our Story

How it all started...

On January 8, 1901 David C. Fisher moved his family to Columbia from the Ward 9 Community.  He was the ferryman for nine years before the first traffic bridge was built across the Ouachita River.  Since there was no church in Columbia, the Fisher family attended church at Briggs Point, now the home of Columbia Heights Baptist Church, in a building used by multiple denominations.

In 1904, David Fisher started a church in his home in Columbia.  As the church grew, they eventually began to meet once a month in what is now the Methodist Church in Columbia.  That building was eventually moved and became the first First Baptist Church facility, meeting on the second floor while the first floor was used as a Grocery Store.

First Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Julian Brooks built a one story frame building in 1913 on the corner of Main and Church street, across from the current location.  

From that time to today, First Baptist Church has had a rich history of ministering in Columbia and beyond.  The church's history includes tales of floods and world wars, spies and revivals, faith and growth, declines and renewed growth.  If you want to read more about the Churches History, check out our Church History Page

Where we are headed...

One thing we can know for sure is that God's truth does not change.  The Gospel Message is as true today as it was in the first century church.  How we share that message has changed for over 2000 years.  First Baptist Church has 120 years of sharing the gospel in Columbia and to the ends of the earth.  The methods have changed, the modes of communication have changed, the technology has changed, but the plan and purpose remains the same.  Our goal will always be to go and make disciples.  How we go about that will change as culture changes and the opportunities change.  As we change worship styles and take advantage of new technologies to reach our community and the world, our core purpose will remain the same.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:15 am (Sunday School)  and 10:30 am (Worship Service).