Youth Ministry

At First Baptist Church, we are committed to providing opportunities for the youth of Caldwell Parish to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Through various programs and activities, our youth have the opportunity to MINISTER to one another and others outside our group. 

Various regularly scheduled classes allow our youth to be DISCIPLED in the Word of God. 

Through many activities, our youth learn to have fun and FELLOWSHIP

with other believers. 

Many opportunities are given for our youth to learn the meaning of and get practice in EVANGELISM to other youth and their families. 

Through our regular church services as well as planned travel to other churches and events, our youth are given the opportunity to experience true WORSHIP.

We believe that these are important components to the growth of our youth.

Other Activities include:

Bowling, Fishing, Camping, Summer Camp, Area Wide Rally's, State Wide Evangelism Conferences, Choir, Drama, Lock In's, Volley Ball, Football, Softball, Mission Trips, Trips to Parks, Movies, and other events!

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