FBC Kids

Our Children's Ministry at FBC is comprised of many different parts, but our goal is the same.  We strive to grow our children in their knowledge and love of God and people.

The Big Question

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM Wednesdays

The Big Question is a game show based program designed by our Children’s Minister with Bible Drill in mind. A colorful host, Bob White will help kids ages 1st - 6th grade build strong Bible skills, strong life application, and a strong foundation in the Lord.

RA’s, GA’s & Mission Friends

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Sundays

RA stands for Royal Ambassadors: GA stands for Girls in Action.

Mission Friends is an organization designed to teach pre-school and kindergarten aged children, boys and girls, about mission work. Weekly studies and activities will teach our little ones the importance of serving in our home, church, community, nation and world!

RA’s and GA’s are missions organizations for Boys & Girls in 1st - 6th Grade. The RA & GA Program at First Baptist Church is designed to teach elementary aged girls and boys how to become Honorable Young Men and Respectable Young Ladies. We attempt to provide a positive atmosphere for young people to learn what it means to have a Servant’s Heart. Through mission stories and activities, your child will learn the importance of serving the Lord by serving others. They will also learn important skills about dating etiquette, honoring your parents, the virtues of truth, loyalty, friendship faith and others. Our goal is to give our children opportunities to serve others through mission projects. Camps and Congresses are also attended each year to give the kids an opportunity to have a great time swimming and participating in rope courses while learning about local, national and international missionaries. Parents are encouraged to participate and be a part of this incredible learning process.

KPC - Kids praising christ Children's choir

5:30 PM - 6:15 PM Wednesdays

KPC is much more than kids singing songs. Each week your child will be learning music! With all the cut backs in education and added pressures put on schools to meet testing standards, many schools can’t offer regular music programs. First Baptist Church is offering your child an opportunity to have that program! At KPC, your child will be taught basic music skills such as how to read music, recognize notes, recognize key music symbols that can be used in any area of music, as well as how to sing solo’s and sing in a choir. There will also be opportunities to develop drama and acting abilities, learn about set setup, how to use sound, video, and lighting equipment. This will all be done as they enjoy singing praises to our Lord! Come let your child’s creative abilities blossom!


Babies Can Learn, Too! While babies cannot memorize scripture or understand abstract ideas, they can learn God loves them, God gives them people to care for them, and Jesus, God's Son, wants to be their very best Friend.

Walk over Wednesdays (WOW)

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Wednesdays

Walk Over Wednesday (WOW) is for those children that walk over from Columbia Elementary or are picked up by FBC from

Central & Grayson Elementary after school. They will be provided with a small snack and help with school work.